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Spy Camera Detector And Wireless Bug Detector / Finder Multi Purpose
Multi Purpose Camera & Bug Detector Finds Hidden Cameras and Wireless Listening Devices Are you worried that you may be being filmed or listened to without your knowledge? This wireless detector can detect hidden wired and wireless video, dead or alive, and has multiple alert modes including audi...
Price: $79.00
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Multi Purpose Hidden Spy Camera, GPS, RF Bug/Listening Device Detector/Finder
Spy Camera Detector And Wireless Bug Detector / Finder Multi Purpose
LawMate Bug and Hidden Camera Detector / Wireless and Wired
Acoustic Noise Generator Advanced Audio Jammer
Compare at: $199.00
Sale Price:$129.00
Compare at: $129.00
Sale Price:$79.00
Compare at: $179.00
Sale Price:$149.00
Compare at: $459.00
Sale Price:$365.00
Portable GSM Cell Phone Protection Detector With White Noise
Complete Counter Surveillance Device Bug/GPS/Camera Detector
Credit Card Sized RF Bug Finder Hidden Camera  Signal Detector
Professional Digital RF Detector/Bug Detector Dual Antennas
Compare at: $359.00
Sale Price:$285.00
Compare at: $399.00
Sale Price:$349.00
Compare at: $329.00
Sale Price:$249.00
Compare at: $595.00
Sale Price:$495.00
Portable RF Signal Bug Detector/Hidden Camera Finder GSM Detection
Law Enforcement Grade Hidden Camera Finder Wired/Wireless
ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator -Find Hidden Electronics
SleuthGear Defender Counter Measures Portable Sweep Unit
Compare at: $319.00
Sale Price:$245.00
Compare at: $595.00
Sale Price:$445.00
Compare at: $19,999.00
Sale Price:$17,699.00
Compare at: $339.00
Sale Price:$249.00
Multifunctional Portable Sweep Unit -Camera/Bug/Laser Detector
Audio Jammer / White Noise Generator
Cell Phone And Hidden GPS Tracker / Tracking Device Detector DD3200
CD PRO Hidden Camera Detector Built in Monitor
Compare at: $595.00
Sale Price:$495.00
Compare at: $269.00
Sale Price:$179.00
Compare at: $399.00
Sale Price:$299.00
Compare at: $899.00
Sale Price:$749.00
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Bug and camera detectors / Counter Surveillance

Ever felt like you were being watched in a bathroom, changing room, tanning bed or even at home? Ever Feel like someone is listening? Now you can find out for sure!

In today's high tech world there is bug and camera technology designed to protect and inform, unfortunately there are people who take advantage of this technology to invade the privacy of others.

Easily find hidden cameras, spy cameras, wireless cameras, hardwired cameras and listening devices using our full line of professional counter surveillance devices and detectors.

These Bug Detectors are easy to use, powerful, and affordable.

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