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A helpful device in so many circumstances, GPS trackers offer real-time tracking, as well as passive tracking. Often used by businesses and private investigators, a GPS tracker is a simple way to track the movement of delivery vehicles, as well as for reasons of tracking employees or people.

When to Use a Real Time Tracking Device

Perhaps you're the manager of a distribution site and one of your trucks went out early in the morning on a delivery. The recipient is impatient and has called you about when the delivery might arrive. Real-time GPS tracking means you can give your customer an accurate timeframe for delivery.

You'll use the internet on your computer or smartphone for instant data on location. The way this service works is to use cellular towers to triangulate a position. Active monitoring usually requires a monthly fee, but it's normally not more than a few dollars.

If your deliveries must occur on a tight schedule, real-time tracking is probably your best choice. Further, if you must keep track of an individual or valuable shipment, real-time tracking is essential.

Using GPS with a Passive Tracker

In other circumstances, you won't find it necessary to retrieve information before a shipment or travel is complete. If you don't think you'll want to fire up your smartphone every few hours to check on movement, a passive tracker could offer a more cost-effective option for GPS tracking.

One of the convenient ways you can use passive tracking is by looking at delivery routes and figuring out if your drivers are taking the most efficient roads to their destinations. Increase productivity at your business by monitoring movement each month.

GPS tracking is also an essential option for keeping your employees safe, particularly if they make valuable deliveries. If the unfortunate happens and a truck is stolen, you can work with law enforcement with the tracking data from your GPS device to locate the goods.

GPS for Investigators and Detectives

Tracking devices are also an essential part of an investigator's toolkit, and you've got a few choices when deciding what type of GPS tracker to use. There are battery-operated devices that you might consider if you're tracking a person. On the other hand, vehicle tracking might be best handled with a tracker installed directly onto the car. Then, you don't need to worry about replacing batteries if you're unable to access the car for any length of time.

Did You Know? It takes less than 30 minutes to install a tracker on a vehicle. If you're unsure whether the purchase of a GPS device is something you need, you can also think about renting a device. Then, if you feel that you might use a device often, you can consider an outright purchase.

Advanced Technology Available to Everyone

What was once something you might see in a movie about spies is now something anyone can use whether they own a business, work as a detective, or want tracking for the family. When you begin your search for your

GPS tracker, consider the following when making your choice:

  • Initial cost of the device
  • Monthly service charge (if applicable)
  • Overall size for concealment purposes
  • Expected lifespan and battery life

Versatile, affordable, and valuable, GPS trackers from Eye Spy Supply are useful in many ways. Need help making your choice? Call us, and we'll help you decide which GPS tracker is best for you.

Which Tracking Device Is Right For You

First, think about how you want to monitor your tracking device. If you want to be able to locate the tracker instantly over the internet you will need what is called a real time GPS tracker. Real time tracking devices use cellular networks to send the data so there is usually a nominal monthly fee. Real time tracking devices can also be set up to send you alerts via text message or email.

If you don't need real time monitoring or text alerts, a passive tracking device or GPS logger is a great choice and there are no monthly fees. To view the data with a passive tracker you will need to retrieve the device and connect it to a computer. Meaning, you will be looking at historical data after the fact. You will, however, receive  identical information that you would with a real time tracker, just not live online.

When choosing the right tracking device you should consider how the tracker will be powered. If you will need to move the tracker from vehicle to vehicle, if you are tracking a person, or if you are tracking an asset you will probably need a battery operated GPS tracker. This is what most private investigators use. If you have access to the vehicle and you don't want to worry about changing or charging batteries you can install a hard wired tracker in less that thirty minutes in most cases.

If you need a real time tracking device for only a few weeks you may want to consider renting a real time tracker. This could save you money. You can see our GPS rental page here.

Real time tracking device

  • Instantly locate and monitor your tracker live via the internet and/or smart phone
  • Small monthly fee

Passive tracker

  • Tracker retrieved and connected to your computer to view the data
  • No monthly fees

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