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WiFi Spy Camera with Audio, Night Vision, Wide Angle Lens Black Box  Power Bank1080P HD
D.I.Y. Wifi Hidden Spy Camera Module 1080P With Audio, Motion Activated, Remote Live View, Micro Pinhole Lens
HD3000 EXTREME 1080p High Def Spy Pen Video Camera w/ Audio | Up To 128 GB SD Card
Key Chain / Car FOB Hidden Camera w/ Audio High Quality and Easy To Use
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Sale Price:$149.00
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Sale Price:$129.00
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Sale Price:$99.00
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Sale Price:$89.00
Lawmate Spy Camera Key Chain Camcorder With High Definition and WDR
Hidden Camera Nightvision Watch
Hidden Camera Glasses 8GB Internal Storage
Lawmate iPhone 7/6 Covert Camera Case w/ WIFI and HD Video
Compare at: $399.00
Sale Price:$249.00
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Sale Price:$199.00
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Sale Price:$249.00
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Sale Price:$295.00

Which Spy Cameras Do Our Experts Like?

The spy cameras on this page have been choosen by our team of experts to be some of their favorite spy cams.

They have been chosen because of a combination of factors. These factors could be camera resolution, ease of use, battery life, how covert the spy camera is etc.

If you have any questions or you are not sure which spy camera is the best for you please give us a call and one of our experts will help you find the best spy camera for your specific needs.

Spy Cameras

Spy cameras have a myriad of uses beyond what its name suggest. What some call spying, others call merely protecting their home, family or themselves. Spy cameras can also be very helpful in settling a case, especially when you consider weird cases in which a burglar sues the owner of a house he had attempted to rob. In cases like that, a single well-placed spy camera can oftentimes be the difference between guilty or not guilty.

Modern spy cameras are easy to set up, easy to use and can record months of video and project it to your wireless devices. If youíre just needing peace of mind, thereís no need to spend thousands on a full closed circuit television system. Just pick up a few covert spy cameras, set them up where they have a great viewing perspective, and press record.

Security Cameras in Retail Business Settings

Controlling loss and theft at a business or retail store is another way investing in a few spy cameras can be both cost-effective and efficient. A couple of spy cameras placed in open view will deter would-be thieves from risking being caught on camera snagging your product. And if someone does make such an attempt, your recordings of the event can only help your case. Your customers will feel more at ease and your bottom line will thank you.

Spy Cameras for Home Use

If you live alone, spy cameras can be the fly on the wall to keep a watchful eye on your property and belongings. Did you authorize any plumbing or repair work within your home? Did you authorize a landlord to enter your apartment? Having a few spy cameras around will allow you to always have surveillance on hand of the comings and goings in your home.

Spy Equipment & Gadgets

Whether you want to make sure your children are safe while you spend a night out on the town, or just want to make sure your domestic help isnít lifting your silverware or jewelry, hiding a few spy cams in commonplace housing, or buying spy cameras cleverly hidden within alarm clock or fire detector housings is a great way to always have proof of what goes on at your home or office. And these days, the selection is bigger than ever.

Wireless Spy Cameras and Other Hidden Camera Options

Choose from hundreds of different styles of spy cameras, including nanny-cams built into teddy bears, button-sized cameras that are so small, they can literally be hidden anywhere, or spy cameras that look like everyday knick-knacks that happen to have the best view of the room. Our spy cameras are top quality professional grade equipment, boasting tons of features and convenient benefits, such as wireless connectivity, closed circuit ability (useful for if you have a system already in place) and the ability to be hidden in plain sight.

If people in your life have been acting out of the ordinary, and confrontation hasnít gotten you anywhere, it may be time to set up a spy camera to rule out infidelity. The only thing worse than your spouse having an affair is you not knowing, and not knowing eliminates your options. Be in the know with a spy camera placed in your homeís guest room, your bedroom or the living room. Place cameras in all three for the best results.

In todayís socio-economic environment, few things are able to be trusted as evidence more than cold, hard video surveillance. Keeping an eye on your home and property when youíre away is always a good thing, and spy cameras are a prime way of doing just that. Loss-prevention, proving your insurance claim, and having your reasons for pressing charges be backed by evidence is how you stay ahead in a world that sues faster than you can blink and leaves the bill on your doorstep.

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