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Complete Counter Surveillance Device Bug/GPS/Camera Detector
Pro 10GHZ Cell Phone/GPS/Bug/Camera Detector with Wire Tap Prevention  Have you ever wanted a device to keep you safe from eavesdropping? What about being tracked? What about being recorded without your knowledge or consent? I think we have all been wary of this at some point, especially in tod...
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Complete Counter Surveillance Device Bug/GPS/Camera Detector
Cellphone Voice Changer Two Changing Modes Battery Operated
Portable GSM Cell Phone Protection Detector With White Noise
 Wiretap Detector-telephone analyzer-RF bug detector TT-07
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Multifunctional Portable Sweep Unit -Camera/Bug/Laser Detector
Professional Voice Changer
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Phone Security and Tap detectors

Have you ever felt like someone was listening to or eavesdropping on your phone conversations? Now you can know for sure and prevent them from listening!

Here you will find phone wiretap detectors (for both on site and down line), telephone line analyzers, voice scrambles and more.

Phone Tap Detection

Do you ever think your phone may be tapped, or that someone other than the two of you are listening in on your conversation? With people using cellphones as their main phone line, phone bugs are more common than ever. A phone tap detector is great way to check if your phone has been bugged, but before you go to that extreme, there are a few clues to look for to support or deny your suspicions.

Is My Phone Tapped?

First, check your suspicions. If some secret information that you discussed with someone over the phone is now common knowledge, you should check in with the few seemingly-trusted people with whom you confided and attempt to plug the leak. Also, take an honest assessment of the situation before going to get a phone tap detector. Are you in a sensitive position at work where competition or other interested parties would have an edge up with some vital information? Are you going through a life change like a divorce or a major break-up with a vindictive ex-spouse or lover?

If your direct questions are being met with darted eyes and uncomfortable excuses that donít add up, test the waters by leaking some fake information over the phone again, hopefully baiting the eavesdropper. If this information gets out, you know thereís a leak in your phone security and investing in a phone tap detector is a sound idea. Check for other clues, like seeing if anything in your home is out of place, such as a couch or table thatís been moved. If you have a landline, go outside and check the phone box, especially the locked, restricted access side of the box. This will often need a special kind of allen wrench to open, so look for lock tampering or hasty wiring. If something seems out of place, call your phone provider for a quick assessment, then get a phone tap detector.

Phone Tap Detection Devices

Phone tap detectors will let you know whenever someone else is listening when youíre on the phone. A simple device, a phone tap detector is a small box with a colored light on top, usually green and red. For example, if the light is green, youíre okay to make a call. If the light is red however, your line is likely tapped. You could continue the call with the knowledge that someone is listening.

Phone Tap Detector Installation

Phone tap detectors are easy to install and easy to use. To install, plug the device into a fitting wall jack and then into your phone. Frequencies over the line will be intercepted by the phone tap detector to give you a green light or an indication that your phone has been tapped. Depending on the device, your phone tap detector may inhibit your audio or send you a warning that someone else might be listening in. We offer lots of selection, and helpful sales associates to help you choose a phone tap detector that works best for you.

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