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Portable Charger Spy Audio Recorder Long Battery Voice Activated 150 Day Battery by Kawtco
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Voice Activated Audio Recorder | 24 Hour Continuous Battery | 8 GB Storage | Password Protected | Date and Time Stamp
MQ16-U350 Voice Activated Digital Audio Spy Recording Device / Recorder - 16GB - 576 Hour - 25 Day Battery
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Portable Charger Spy Audio Recorder Long Battery Voice Activated 150 Day Battery by Kawtco
Easily Hidden Covert Voice Activated Digital Audio Spy Recorder USB Flash Drive Listening Device
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Voice Activated Digital Spy Audio Recorder / USB Flash Drive Easily Hidden & Discreet By kawtco
MQ-U350 Voice Activated Digital Audio Spy Recording Device  / Recorder - 8GB - 288 Hour - 25 Day Battery By kawtco
Mini Voice Activated Audio Spy Recorder, magnetic, 20 hr Battery, 94 hour Storage Capacity By kawtco
Slim Line Voice Activated Covert Digital Spy Pen Audio Recorder
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Car Voice Recorders

You have many options for recording voices, but if you're active in covert operations, you require a device that isn't obvious like a tape recorder or a smartphone. Today, digital recorders come in a variety of styles from covert ultra slim audio pens to tiny devices meant to hang on a keychain.

Auto Voice Recorder--It's Not All About Concealment

The design of your car voice recorder must blend into the background, but it must also record high-quality audio. A sleek recording device camouflaged to look like a standard car door opener is a terrific way to covertly record, but not if the sound quality results in poor recordings. The key feature you'll want to consider when selecting your car voice recorder is the quality of the audio. You may benefit from purchasing a recorder rated as "Law Enforcement Grade," which ensures the recordings you make will be clear and intelligible.

Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Car Voice Recorder

If you've never before purchased a recorder meant to be concealed and used in covert operations, there are some considerations beyond what a standard recording device may offer. Here are some things to think about when choosing your recorder.

How easy is it to activate?

You may want to look at a voice-activated recorder or one with one-touch operation. If your recorder looks like a car door opener, you don't want to be seen clicking it multiple times or in some strange fashion to get into recording mode.

How easy is it to conceal?

You have many choices for the shape and size of your car voice recorder. The way in which you intend to record may have an impact on what device you choose. Are you recording somewhere that you might use a pen? A spy pen might be exactly what you need. Will your operation take place in a vehicle? A recorder that looks like a car door opener might serve you best.

What are the battery and recording life?

Battery life does tend to vary depending on the device you choose, and you'll want to look at your expected activities to decide what device will work best. For example, you'll find some devices that feature several days of standby battery life, as well as many hours of active recording. You shouldn't need to worry about running out of space on your drive. Many devices today come with at least 70 hours of recording time and can even be expanded to accommodate twice that much.

Consider: If you're recording in an area where you can leave a device plugged into a USB port, you'll never have to worry about running out of battery life while waiting for the perfect moment to record.

Advanced Features Available Today

Car voice recorders and voice-activated devices have come a long way in the past decade and are quite like the high-tech "goodies" you might see in a fictional spy film.

For example, there are devices that are hardly more than an inch long yet record up to 70 hours of audio, like the Micro Voice Activated Digital Russian Spy Audio Recorder. You can even find affordable digital recorders that plug into phone jacks that require little more setup than finding an available jack and plugging the device into the wall.

If you don't already know exactly what type of device will serve your needs best, give us a call and we'll figure out your best car recording option.

Digital Recorders For Recording Inside Of Vehicles / Cars

While many of the recording devices that we offer will record what is being said inside of a vehicle or car, the recorders found on this page are best suited for recording conversations in a vehicle for several reasons.

  •     Battery life must be considered
  •     Quality of recording - because of background noise
  •     Microphone sensitivity
  •     Ease of concealment
All of the digital recorders found on this page fit all of the above criteria, are voice activated and can be easily hidden.
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