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Lawmate PV-500-Lite3-Portable Pocket DVR Law Enforcement Grade
 Lawmate PV-500-Lite 3 Pocket DVR w/ Button Camera  Lawmate has done it again! The PV500 Lite 3 is a first-level, law-enforcement-grade, pocket digital video recorder built and designed from the ground up for professional covert video surveillance operations. It is small enough to slide...
Price: $349.00
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Lawmate PV-500-Lite3-Portable Pocket DVR Law Enforcement Grade
Micro Body Worn Pocket DVR W/ Button Camera Set
LawMate PV-500L2 Portable DVR for Wired Body Worn Button Surveillance Camera
LawMate PV-500ECO2 1080P HD Touch Screen Portable DVR
Compare at: $469.00
Sale Price:$349.00
Compare at: $249.00
Sale Price:$199.00
Compare at: $395.00
Sale Price:$295.00
Compare at: $599.00
Sale Price:$425.00
Lawmate Portable Pocket DVR With Built in HD Camera 720P DVR
PV-1000 Touch Screen Portable Pocket DVR W/320GB Internal Hard drive
Mini 550 Resolution Button Screw Camera
HD-Button-Camera Covert-Cam
Compare at: $279.00
Sale Price:$199.00
Compare at: $895.00
Sale Price:$749.00
Compare at: $239.00
Sale Price:$189.00
Compare at: $289.00
Sale Price:$229.00
Handbag Covert Hidden Spy Camera - High Resolution - Hardwired
Hat Camera Covert LawMate
Covert Body Worn  Tactical Style Style Hidden Camera Law Mate
Covert Hidden Camera Cord Cam/ Nanny Camera Law Mate Brand
Compare at: $325.00
Sale Price:$229.00
Compare at: $299.00
Sale Price:$249.95
Compare at: $489.00
Sale Price:$329.00
Compare at: $295.00
Sale Price:$195.00
Button / Screw Camera Set With Audio
Button and Screw CMOS Color Hardwired Camera Set
Extra Batteries For PV500 Line of DVRs
C1145- Pinhole Camera For Extremelife Model DVR
Compare at: $249.00
Sale Price:$149.00
Compare at: $199.00
Sale Price:$129.00
Compare at: $109.00
Sale Price:$49.99
Compare at: $159.00
Sale Price:$119.00
Covert Body worn hidden tie clip camera 640 X 480 Spy Camera
Portable Security Camera 1080P HD Video Multi Use Motion Activated By kawtco
Compare at: $295.00
Sale Price:$245.00
Compare at: $199.00
Sale Price:$119.00

Portable DVR

PV-500, Secumate Mini / Micro / portable spy dvr digital video recorders many are motion activated. Great for button cameras or any other type of camera.
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