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Telephone Voice Recorder Automatic Recording
Telephone Recording Device This portable telephone voice recorder will record up to 330 hours of audio on the included 2GB sd card. It is the perfect way to record and manage your telephone calls. You have the option of playing back recordings on your computer or right on the device itself! You can e...
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Telephone Voice Recorder Automatic Recording
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Telephone Digital Recorders

While many of the recording devices that we offer will record telephone conversations the recorders found on this page are best suited for recording both sides of conversations on the phone. All of the digital telephone recorders found on this page are voice activated, can be easily hidden and come with all of the attachments needed for both land line phones and cell phones.

Telephone Voice Recorders

Perfect for when you need to record a verbal contract or any important conversation (Remember the Comcast cable bill call?), telephone voice recorders get the job done. Available in tape and digital formats, phone voice recorders have a wide range of use, from recording accurate minutes for a conference call to clearing up a customer service complaint.

Telephone Tape Recorders vs. Digital Voice Recorders

While tape is still in use, most telephone voice recorders are digital. Digital phone voice recorders cover both sides of the conversation and save variable hours worth of conversation. All of our phone voice recorders have great storage capacity and offer the benefit of durable, high-quality build. Upload the recordings to your computer and discard or store them in your hard drive for future use.

Digital Voice Recorder-Cell Phone

If you expect to record mainly cell phone calls, you’ll want to also purchase a mobile recording lead in addition to the phone voice recorder in order to get both sides of a the conversation. Usually found under $20, a mobile recording lead is like your typical earphone with a microphone, but it plugs into the phone voice recorder’s mic jack.

With this setup, recording a cell phone call is easy. Connect your mobile recording lead and your telephone voice recorder, place the mobile lead earbud into your ear and press record when the call picks up. The mobile lead transmits half of the conversation to the phone voice recorder that works double-time recording your portion of the talk. The audio is high quality without echos. The only disruption that could come about is if the recorder were moved during recording. Otherwise, the recording sounds clear like it does over most hands-free earphones with microphones.

Many cell phones have an innate capability to record conversations, but since they utilize mainly the cell phones voice input, they can only record your side of the conversation.

Audio Recorder Options

You could also set your call to be on speaker phone and simply record with your phone voice recorder. The quality will be much poorer and it’s more likely that you’d lose most of the conversation because of interference of frequencies. This alternative also puts the caller on alert, as most people can tell when they’re on speaker phone. If you need your caller to be comfortable answering questions, or if you want to gather evidence for a lawsuit, invest in the mobile recording lead and avoid all the feedback.

This kind of evidence-gathering may or may not be legal in your state. Check your state and county governing laws regarding the recording of phone calls. Sometimes, only one party’s consent is needed and sometimes, both parties must consent to being recorded. Failure to check and follow these laws may lead to criminal prosecution or civil litigation.

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