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Computer Spy Software

Recover deleted files, record computer activity, and control computer usage with advanced PC surveillance software from Eye Spy Supply. A computer is a complex machine, but getting lost or purposefully deleted information from the hard drive doesn't have to be impossible. Several affordable yet advanced solutions exist to help you retrieve a file that was accidentally deleted, as well as check on computer usage of an employee or child.

How Do I Recover Lost and Deleted Files?

Imagine you're sitting at your desk, and you accidentally hit the delete button on your computer. Unfortunately, your desktop is set up to delete files fully instead of sending them to the "recycle bin." Don't panic! Devices like the Recover It will work on virtually any operating system including Windows 8, iPad, and iOS 7 to recover deleted data. Not only will the device permanently erase files and any trace of their folders, but it can also retrieve deleted files from devices with flash drives.

How Do I Monitor Computer Usage?

With the connections our computers make to the world it's important to control access to the Internet by minors, as well as by employees. Sometimes blanket rules regarding internet use aren't enough, and you need to track computer usage. Using a program like Win-Spy can help you monitor what your child is doing on the internet and whether he or she is following your instructions regarding what sites are allowed and the amount of time that the computer can be used.

Likewise, the same type of monitoring is appropriate in workplaces when there are issues with employees who aren't up to par when it comes to efficiency. Are they surfing Facebook or are they getting work done?

In addition, programs like Win-Spy are useful when you wish to find out what a spouse might be up to on the computer. It's a terrible feeling to think that a spouse could be cheating, but it's best to know for sure whether your relationship is healthy.

How Do I Keep My Children Safe?

You taught your children to look both ways when crossing the street, and you've given them essential safety information over the years. What about their internet usage? Sure, you can keep them away from the internet for a while, but as an important part of today's society, you can't keep the computer unplugged forever.

When it's time to introduce the kids to the internet, do it safely with a program like Spysure Parental Control Software. Read emails, monitor websites that have been accessed, and collect passwords and chat information with a keylogger. Some additional features you may want to use include screen captures, which can show you a snapshot of the computer's current screen, as well as an internet blocker that makes it impossible to visit sites you've placed on the family's blacklist.

Balancing Privacy and Safety With Computer Monitoring Software

Privacy is an essential right that we all have, but sometimes safety is more important than letting a 12-year-old surf the internet without restrictions. When you install a tracking program on the family computer, let the kids know, so everything is transparent and honest.

While your kids might complain today, they'll appreciate the effort you put into keeping them safe during their formative years. Likewise, with employees, let them know about any tracking you've chosen to install. Your employees will respect your honesty and abide by the company's rules on computer usage.

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