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Hidden Cameras And Video Surveillance

We offer one of the largest selections of video surveillance and camera equipment available on the market today.

In this section you will find completely self contained nanny cameras, complete cctv surveillance systems, car cameras, spy pens, body worn hidden cameras and much more.

Eye Spy Supply only carries high quality hidden / spy cameras.

**Due to the laws in the United States in regards to audio recording, stand alone covert cameras/nanny cameras will not support audio. International customers may request audio on any item that has audio capabilities. Most body-worn covert cameras will however support audio for United States users.Feel free to contact us with any questions in regards to this.**

Hidden Cameras

Easy to use and easy to set up, hidden cameras serve as sophisticated ways to covertly record anything. Black box hidden cameras allow you to create your own recording device by hiding them in everyday household items, or simply hide them in plain sight. You can even select one of our custom housings to hide your black box hidden camera to make sure you avoid detection.

Hidden Cameras for Home, Office & More

Hidden cameras come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices to fit any situation and budget. Eye Spy Supply offers a huge selection of different hidden video cameras so that you can monitor your home and office when you are away. You can even take it with you on the road and monitor your belongings when you’re away from your hotel room. With features like night vision, motion activation and more, you can thwart any threats of theft or sabotage at your office or home. Hidden cameras will empower you to protect your home, your belongings and your family, and give you peace of mind.

View live video on your tablet, computer or smartphone with top of the line night vision hidden cameras. You could even connect them to your home security system and have the ultimate home video monitoring system for the utmost protection and security. Get a hidden camera for as many rooms as you’d like to monitor and connect up to eight in any combination.

Nanny Cams - Wireless Hidden Cameras to Protect Your Children

When it comes to the safety of your children, go above and beyond with a nanny cam. Interviews and background checks only go so far. Now with hidden nanny cams, you can blend a recording device into any home decor and always be a fly on the wall when the safety of your kids is concerned. Check out our selection. Almost all homes and offices feature at least one commonplace item that stands as the perfect place to hide a camera: a clock. From wall clocks to alarm clocks, there isn't a better place to put a hidden camera.

Outdoor Hidden Cameras

Weatherproof and water-resistant, outdoor hidden cameras are perfect for monitoring your home or office exterior and grounds. Protect your property from vandals and burglars by pairing hidden cameras with one of our covert fronts, and have live video on your phone or tablet from anywhere. Cover blind spots in your home’s security system with extra hidden cameras. Keep would-be burglars and vandals guessing and always have another eye in the sky with hidden cameras placed within the home. Protect your home, property, family and domestic employees with well-hidden cameras.

Hidden Cameras for Clothing

With wearable hidden cameras, you can always record on the go from your unique perspective. Useful for secret shoppers or skateboarders trying to record the perfect line, these hidden cameras can be placed on ties, and in glasses, shirt buttons and hats. Loss prevention is an industry that’s worth over a billion dollars, and every day it grows even bigger. Choose from our selection of hidden camera models, or work a few black box hidden cameras into your store’s surveillance. With a few well-placed hidden cameras, protect your customers, your property and your bottom line.

Hidden cameras are often concealed in everyday items like clocks or even clothing. For the ultimate eye in the sky, opt for a smoke detector cover. With a wide viewing angle and overhead ceiling mount, these commonplace hidden cameras go unnoticed and work like a charm when it comes to monitoring your home or business.

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