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Slim Line Voice Activated Covert Digital Spy Pen Audio Recorder
Discreet -  Spy Pen -Voice Activated- Digital Audio Recorder/"Bugging Device" The PRMAMQ77 is the latest upgrade to one of our most popular voice recorders. With newly updated software making it compatible with 64Bit operating systems as well as an even slimmer, sleek design, this pen...
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Slim Line Voice Activated Covert Digital Spy Pen Audio Recorder
Pen Voice Activated audio Spy Recorder - Easily Hidden Recording Device
PRMA MQ72 1GB USB Voice Activated Pen Recorder
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What Are Spy Pen Audio Recorders

Pen voice recorders are ordinary pens that can record voice / audio. These voice recorders can be used by doctors, lawyers and undercover agents. Pen recorders can also be used to record conversations and reports on the go and, in some cases, can be used to record voices in an unobtrusive manner. It can also be used by students or by employees as an alternative to taking notes at lecturers or board meetings. Pen voice recorders can be easily clipped onto your jacket, shirt pocket or purse and no one will suspect a thing. These are also suitable for journalists and undercover sleuths since these pen voice recorders can write and function like ordinary pens and can easily begin to record voices once they are activated.

In this section you will find all of our pen recording devices that have audio recording capabilities.
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