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Smart Phone Hidden Camera 1080P W/DVR Covert Lawmate Spy Recorder
Lawmate Brand Cellphone Hidden Camera with HD Recording   With the way cell phones have ingrained themselves in today's society all around the world, no one even thinks twice about them.  Of course most phones these days have cameras built into them as well but those are obvious, what if y...
Price: $369.00
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Lawmate PV-500-Lite3-Portable Pocket DVR Law Enforcemet Grade
Micro Body Worn Pocket DVR W/ Button Camera Set
Smart Phone Hidden Camera 1080P W/DVR Covert Lawmate Spy Recorder
LawMate PV-500L2 Portable DVR for Wired Body Worn Button Surveillance Camera
Compare at: $469.00
Sale Price:$349.00
Compare at: $249.00
Sale Price:$199.00
Compare at: $475.00
Sale Price:$369.00
Compare at: $395.00
Sale Price:$295.00
LawMate PV-500EVO2 1080P HD Touch Screen Portable DVR
Lawmate Portable Pocket DVR With Built in HD Camera 720P DVR
PV-1000 Touch Screen Portable Pocket DVR W/320GB Internal Hard drive
Spy Camcorder - Voice Activated Micro Mini Digital Video Recorder Camera
Compare at: $599.00
Sale Price:$495.00
Compare at: $279.00
Sale Price:$199.00
Compare at: $895.00
Sale Price:$749.00
Compare at: $249.00
Sale Price:$149.00
Extremelife DVR With Camera Build Your Own Spy Camera
Mini 550 Resolution Button Screw Camera
HD-Button-Camera Covert-Cam
Handbag Covert Hidden Spy Camera - High Resolution - Hardwired
Compare at: $699.00
Sale Price:$599.00
Compare at: $239.00
Sale Price:$189.00
Compare at: $289.00
Sale Price:$229.00
Compare at: $325.00
Sale Price:$229.00
Hat Camera Covert LawMate
Covert Body Worn  Tactical Style Style Hidden Camera Law Mate
Covert Hidden Camera Cord Cam/ Nanny Camera Law Mate Brand
Hidden Camera Glasses Covert Camera Lawmate Brand
Compare at: $299.00
Sale Price:$249.95
Compare at: $489.00
Sale Price:$329.00
Compare at: $295.00
Sale Price:$195.00
Compare at: $329.00
Sale Price:$295.00
Button / Screw Camera Set With Audio
Button and Screw CMOS Color Hardwired Camera Set
Extra Batteries For PV500 Line of DVRs
C1145- Pinhole Camera For Extremelife Model DVR
Compare at: $249.00
Sale Price:$149.00
Compare at: $199.00
Sale Price:$129.00
Compare at: $109.00
Sale Price:$49.99
Compare at: $159.00
Sale Price:$119.00
Covert Body worn hidden tie clip camera 640 X 480 Spy Camera
Compare at: $295.00
Sale Price:$245.00

PV-500, Secumate Mini / Micro / portable spy dvr digital video recorders many are motion activated. Great for button cameras or any other type of camera.
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