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 "Skytrx" GPS personal passive logging device
*New and Improved! Now compatible with Mac as well as PC*  The same great Passive GPS Tracking device from the most trusted and recognized GPS company!  Enhanced features include the new online Web-based Flashback Tracking Software compatible with Macs or PCs, the ability for users to save ...
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Covert Passive GPS Vehicle Activity Tracking/Logging  Device Waterproof and Magnetic
SleuthGear iTrail Tiny GPS Logger/ GPS Tracker Worlds Smallest Micro Tracking Device
 "Skytrx" GPS personal passive logging device
How To Choose The Right GPS Tracker
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GPS Loggers

Each time a cell phone company builds a new tower, our GPS devices become more accurate, and GPS loggers take full advantage of these and other improvements in modern tracking.

GPS loggers offer much more functionality than simply telling you where a vehicle has traveled. They're an essential part of information-gathering for businesses that have large fleets of vehicles, as well as for anyone who needs to analyze several pieces of information related to things like travel speed and stop time.

How GPS Loggers Solve Problems

If your drivers know their trucks have a GPS logger, they might think twice about taking that detour on the way to a drop-off. They won't have the luxury of making an excuse about traffic when you examine the data at the end of the month and find out a driver made an unscheduled stop.

Even if you trust each driver you employ and have the utmost confidence in their performance, a GPS logger can also help your company increase efficiency. At the end of the month, you can take your data and figure out what time of the day would result in the fastest deliveries, as well as whether taking a certain route might be best.

Creative Ways to Use GPS Loggers

In addition to mapping out routes and looking at how you can increase your fleet's efficiency, a GPS logger can also be hooked up to gauge fuel consumption and whether an alarm has sounded. A small GPS logger is also a device you can use to keep your children safe.

Some of today's GPS devices are so small that they will slip easily into a child's backpack, and while active the devices will record an incredible 120 hours of data. You can even get a GPS logger outfitted with cameras, which can be used inside or outside a vehicle. Don't assume that all GPS loggers are meant to be used by private detectives who must slip in under the cover of darkness and install a GPS device under a car. A modern GPS tracking device offers many uses outside the realm of covert operations.

An Inexpensive Option for GPS Trackers

One of the best reasons to use a GPS logger is that if you're on a tight budget, you won't need to worry about monthly fees to get the information for your logger. Although monthly monitoring is usually only a few dollars a month, sometimes every penny counts, and you might not need real-time monitoring.

As long as you can plug a USB drive into your computer, you can easily download the data from your SleuthGear iTrail Tiny GPS Logger. These advanced GPS loggers even come equipped with motion sensors. If motion isn't detected for a few minutes, some devices will go to sleep, so you don't waste battery life or recording time.

Don't Worry About Battery Life

If you're concerned that you'll need to replace the batteries too often in your GPS logger, don't worry! You should only need about 60 hours of battery life to record around a month of average driving. Many of today's GPS loggers have battery life that exceeds that monthly average. Want to know whether a GPS logger or a real-time tracker is best? Give us a call, and we'll help you decide which option is best for your needs.

A GPS Logger or passive GPS tracker / GPS logging Device is very easy to use and the least expensive of your GPS tracking options. There are no monthly fees for a GPS logger. Our GPS loggers are weather resistant so it can be placed inside or outside of the vehicle.

Simply place the GPS Loggers in or on the target vehicle using the magnetic mount. When you are ready to find out where the vehicle has been you simply take it off or out of the vehicle and connect it to a USB port on your computer to download the information. You can then view the exact route that the vehicle drove, the locations that it stopped and for how long.

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